Dr. Pinkus’ Internet Radio: The Alternative Health Radio Network

on February 26 by

Dr. Michael Pinkus is one of the most listened to doctors on radio today. For over 20 years, Dr. Pinkus’ shows have been airing across the US and Canada. Subjects range from Vitamins and Nutrition, Alternative Health, Pressure Point Therapy and more. 

Dr. Pinkus’ Internet Radio station is getting lots of play time. Here you will find many hours of Dr. Pinkus discussing topics from Nutrition to Wellness.  Listen to Dr. Pinkus’ Alternative Health Radio at http://interactradio.com/the-channels/alternative-health-radio/ 

You can also listen to Dr. Pinkus’ Pressure Point Therapy Radio Show. Here you will learn how to treat painful Pressure Points for conditions such as Back Pain, Headaches, Low Energy and more! Learn More





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